Welcome to my personal website

Hello, and welcome to my personal website. My name is Jack Bromby, I’m 26, from Billingham in the Teesside area of North East England. I work as a claims processor for a claims management company. I intend on using this website to rant about stuff. There’s a picture of my beautiful face to the right side of this page (taken in Castril, Spain in 2019). Unless you’re viewing this on a mobile/tablet, in which case it may be at the bottom of the page, I mean yeah, you’ll find it. 😆 Please feel free to consider taking a look at my Amazon Wishlist, buy me a gift and not only will you make me feel happy but you’ll make yourself feel happy also, safe in the knowledge that you’ve made me happy. Totally worth it, right? 😆

Here’s some quick, easy ways to make money online now! Going to be using a science lab any time soon? You need to familiarise yourself with the appropriate code of conduct as I have outlined. Have you been called up for jury duty? If so, I’ve got you covered with my guide on how to behave while carrying out this essential duty. Also, sports are boring. Find out why.


I have a few of those. I enjoy travelling around the UK and travelling abroad, taking selfies at sign posts during those travels. When I’m not doing that, I love watching various things on Netflix, a list of shows I have watched so far is just to the right hand side of the page, under the social media links. Oh and posting my (sometimes unpopular) opinions on various subjects, right here on this website.

Social Media

I’m on all the major social media networks, and then some. I’m most active on Facebook and Instagram, I have Twitter (which I rarely use, if ever), YouTube, etc. The links are just to the right of the page, so feel free to connect with me on any or all of those channels. Much appreciated! 🥰


Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown, my boredom will probably increase (as it already has done), and so as a result I may just find more things to rant about, keeping fresh new content for this website. Also, screw Covid-19! It’s certainly one thing we could do without! 🤬🤬🤬 That being said, for more positive Coronavirus information, search online for Dr. Michael Levitt, Professor Isaac Ben-Israel and Professor Karol Sikora.


  • Netflix is brilliant
  • Coronavirus (Covid-19) is NOT brilliant
  • I am a fantastic human being
  • Pepsi Max Cherry is SIMPLY AMAZING!
  • Pop music was better in the 80s & 90s compared to today
  • This website is brilliant
  • Boris Johnson isn’t actually doing a bad job as PM
  • Scott Morrison is great also
  • Classical music and jazz music is brilliant
  • There should be a bridge across the Atlantic connecting UK – US and UK – Canada (a transatlantic tunnel would be acceptable also)
  • There should be a bridge connecting Scotland – Northern Ireland

Contact Me

To do that, just use the contact form on the contact page of this site. I might respond if I feel like it. 😁😁😁