Bullies of the Week: Sheila Oakes & Steve Hedley


Those of you who follow the news headlines may have become aware of a couple of abhorrent, hateful, loathsome bullies who were featured earlier this week. Sheila Oakes, the mayor of Heanor, Derbyshire; and Steve Hedley, the head of the RMT Union. Both made disparaging comments regarding PM Boris Johnson’s illness with Coronavirus. Oakes stated that he “completely deserves this” and Hedley stated that he would “throw a party” if Boris died from Covid-19. He further stated that he hopes the entire Tory cabinet had also caught Covid-19.

Sheila Oakes
Sheila Oakes: Mayor of Heanor
Steve Hedley
Steve Hedley: RMT Union

Pictured above are the two obnoxious bullies who apparently think that Covid-19 is a joke. That wishing the Prime Minister or anybody else to either catch the virus, or die from it, is totally acceptable. That it’s not at all inappropriate, especially being in high profile jobs where everything they say and do is in the public spotlight.

Oakes Sacked, Hedley Under Investigtion

The result is Oakes has been kicked out of the Labour Party and is still serving in office as an Independent. She also quite rightly lost her job at the law firm in the East Midlands she formerly worked at. RMT suspended Hedley from his role pending an investigation. As far as I’m concerned both are getting what they deserve.

Hedley further refused to clarify his position on the comments during a phone-in on LBC Radio. He hung up on presenter Maajid Nawaz rather than attempting to defend himself. Maybe because he knows on some level his comments cannot be defended.

My Views

This brings me to my point: Why do people in high profile jobs think they can make obnoxious and downright evil comments on social media and there be absolutely no consequences for it? Are the likes of Oakes and Hedley really that thick? Even if you have such an opinion, it is absolutely not acceptable in any way, shape or form to be using social media to wish illness or death on anybody.

How would they both feel if it was one of their own family members whom caught this virus? Obviously these are not pleasant people to hang around with. They are certainly not the type of people I would want as friends.

I’m all for freedom of speech, I’m exercising that very right here on this page. However I do not believe that people in such positions should be able to make such distasteful and disgusting comments on social media platforms. Those two get everything they deserve, though somehow I don’t think it will make them better human beings.

As of today, Boris Johnson has been discharged from hospital, so it doesn’t look like Mr Hedley will be throwing that party after all! 😄😄😄 Hey, this one is for both of you: 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Rant Over!